Subscription Shipping Details

All Subscriptions are charged on the 1st of each month, and shipped between the 15th - 17th of every month. That means that if you purchase your subscription on July 7th, you would not be charged until August 1st, and your subscription would be shipped between August 15th - 17th.


Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes! You can easily pause or cancel your subscription at any time.


When are payments processed?

Your payment for each subscription is charged on the 1st of every month, and shipped the week of the 15th - 17th of every month.


When will my subscription ship?

All subscriptions will be shipped between the 15th - 17th of every month.


Can I purchase a subscription for a friend, as a gift?

Yes, of course! During checkout, simply use your information for the billing portion, and add your friend's information in the shipping portion.

If you are purchasing multiple boxes (one for yourself and one for a friend), please place two separate orders.


Is this snail mail or internet mail?

Yes, this is only through snail mail.


What are the benefits of Homeschoolers Connect Pen Pals?

Promotes Reading and writing skills.

Fosters interest in Social Studies.

Develops social and emotional skills.

Inspires creativity and compassion.

Promotes handwriting skills and development.



All letters are sent directly to our business PO Box first, and carefully reviewed by our team before being sent to individual Pen Pals. No individual addresses are shared.