About Our Founder

Hi! I'm Stephanie. I live in California with my 2 children, my husband Steven, and our dog Winston. We live in the North state; where we love to hike, bike, skate, swim, and do pretty much anything we can in the sunshine and near water.

I am a 2nd generation homeschooler, and we have been homeschooling our own 2 kids for 6 years. I am also a California multiple subject credentialed teacher.

My passion is in supporting and connecting homeschool families, and that is how Homeschoolers Connect was born. My kids love to write to their friends, but they love receiving their pen pals' letters back even more. We decided we wanted to combine our passion for connecting and encouraging homeschool families with our kids' love for receiving a handwritten letter from their friends in the mail, to create Homeschoolers Connect.

I am combining all of my homeschool and classroom experience to make this subscription something that is not only fun and exciting for the kids, but also beneficial in their education. Writing letters has so many developmental benefits, which makes this subscription a win on all levels. I am so grateful that you are here! Thank you for being a part of Homeschoolers Connect.